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PETER EVANGELISTA is a born and bred New Yorker who fell in love with movies as a child and drove everyone in his house crazy with his recreations of the films he had experienced.

After making the life affirming decision to pursue a career as an actor, he committed to his training and hasn't looked back. After studying under Meisner protege James Price at The Acting Studio - New York, Peter has been able to apply his craft to Theater, Film, & Television.

Peter is also an Acting Instructor and active member of Chelsea Repertory Company, which serves as the resident theater company for The Acting Studio- New York, where he teaches. He continues to explore all aspects of creativity through his teachings and involvement with Chelsea Rep.

Digging deeper into the industry, Peter is establishing himself as a writer. His writing consists of original scripts for all three mediums,  Stage-to-Screen adaptations, and book adaptations. Having success early on in his writer journey has allowed Peter to create outside of Acting , as well as compliment it. 

Athletics played a huge part in shaping Peter early on in his life. Team sports like Baseball and Football helped develop his collaborative spirit and ensemble understandings while Boxing taught him the challenges of  self confidence. Taking to the Boxing gym at the early age of 12 allowed him to build a foundation in self esteem, discipline, and control. All of which an artist benefits from. Peter still laces up the gloves today... 

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